Interview with Christophe Caillaud, Director of the Liaigre Group

Hello Christophe, can you tell us about yourself?

I'm Christophe Caillaud, I lead the Liaigre group.

Liaigre has two main activities:

  • interior design, mostly private (houses, apartments, boats) but also for the 10:10 sector. For each project, we create some of the furniture, lighting and accessories.

  • this furniture can then be introduced into our collections which we distribute across our 27 Liaigre showrooms around the world.

What is a good hotel for you?

I appreciate a hotel for the quality of its service as much as for its interior architecture.

If the reception is professional and fast, my stay starts very well. I like spacious rooms and am particularly sensitive to the quality of the bedding and sheets as well as the total darkness at night.

What was the last hotel project you worked on?

Studio Liaigre has just completed a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv at 48 Rothschild Boulevard which will open in the coming months.

This is an original and luxurious project designed and furnished by Liaigre in a historic Bauhaus building with a contemporary extension.

It has 11 suites, a restaurant operated by chef Ruti Broudo, a brasserie and landscaped gardens designed by Piet Oudolf.

How do you like to ensure visitors have an exceptional at your hotels?

We use the experience acquired in private projects to give our hotel projects a refined, luxurious art of living in which customers can feel at home. We also choose materials and finishes that create warm and soothing atmospheres.

Finally, we try to systematically adapt to the geographical, climatic and cultural environment so that each hotel is unique and connected to the place in which it is located.

What do you hate most in a hotel?

The excesses of poorly mastered technology when you no longer know which button to press to turn off the light and the sad lithographs on the walls that you imagine are identical in all the rooms.

In which hotels do you like to sleep?

  • I like small hotels with character and identity rather than chains, even luxurious ones.

  • I like to feel that every object and every piece of furniture has been selected or designed especially for that particular hotel.

  • I like city centre hotels and appreciate when they are soundproofed so that I can sleep well.

  • I like when there is a nice friendly bar.

Can you share with our readers your 3 favorite boutique hotels in France or elsewhere?

  • The Mercer that made Liaigre famous internationally and where I always stay when I go to New York.

  • Le Voltaire which has just opened near my home in Paris.

  • Casadelmar Beach in Porto-Vecchio.

Finally, what do you think of

It has the best selection of boutique hotels!

Xavier Bentes

By Xavier Bentes in Architecture , Inside the hotel