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Halloween is here, and our cities are already decorated with hordes of ghosts and witches. These spooky creatures are causing a stir in our community, but not as much as the thrill of going on a trip! Nothing can rival the thrill of setting off to discover a new country or opening the door to your hotel room for the first time.

Being a great travel lover myself, I want to share with you my latest thrilling discovery: Istanbul. I loved wandering the cobbled streets of the Turkish capital, which constantly sways between European modernity and the exoticism of the nearby Middle East.

If you want to discover the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul, click here — otherwise, I suggest you explore our selection of travel tips and destinations, so you too can be inspired to find your next thrilling destination.

See you soon — and until then, safe travels!

Nicolas Marsaud, your guide for unforgettable hotels with My Boutique Hotel

Our top 3 destinations to enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn

In autumn, nature is adorned with new colours. And you need to be double-quick to appreciate them before nature goes into hibernation! Here are three destinations where red, orange and yellow will paint unforgettable memories in your mind as a seasoned traveller.

  1. Oslo

The capital of Norway is also the greenest city in Europe. Even though the arrival of autumn heralds a significant drop in temperature, the city’s natural environment is revealed in all its splendour. Put on your down jacket and take a walk along the Akerselva River: you are guaranteed to be amazed!

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  1. London

The English capital is known for its wide avenues and vibrant life, but it is easy to overlook the beauty of this city when autumn is on its way! Keep calm and visit the squirrels in Hyde Park, wander around the market stalls in Chapel Market, and have a nice cup of tea in the cool air.

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  1. Pays Basque

How could we not include the beautiful forest of Iraty in the Basque Country, in this top 3? Beyond the Atlantic, Europe’s largest beech forest is found on the border between France and Spain and is ideal for country walks and gastronomic discoveries.

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Learn to pack like Marie Kondo

It's time for your next trip, and you're about to embark on your journey: first you need to pack your bags. As usual, you find yourself struggling with the zip to fit in everything you need! What if you were inspired by the advice of Marie Kondo, storage specialist, to travel lighter and better organized?

Tip #1: Ask yourself the right questions

The basis of the Marie Kondo method is to ask yourself if you really need such and such a thing. Visualize what your stay will look like to imagine which clothes and objects will be necessary to make the most of your trip. If you're thinking that maybe you're going to enjoy the indoor pool when your plans involve several excursions miles from your hotel, maybe you don't need that nice swimsuit after all ...

But don't neglect some fun! The second key question to ask yourself is whether you will be happy to find this or that object in your suitcase during your stay. Have you recently bought a nice piece of clothing, which you plan to wear one evening in the charming restaurant that you have spotted near your hotel? Take it with you!

Tip #2: Fold your clothes vertically

The second Kondo technique consists of folding clothes vertically, rather than stacking them horizontally as we often do. By folding them like this and placing them on their edge in your suitcase, you can save space and visualize what you have slipped into your bag more easily. Tried and tested!

Tip #3: Think pockets

Store small items in pockets, to avoid having objects drifting around in your suitcase. Underwear, chargers for electronic devices, beauty products … categorize these items: you will be glad to unpack them in an organized way when you arrive, and you will save a lot of space in the end.

The hotel of the moment: Cooking and Nature - Emotional Hotel, in Portugal

This is an exceptional hotel that lives up to its name! The Cooking and Nature - Emotional Hotel offers rooms with a direct view of the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park in Portugal.

The exterior greenery seems to enter the hotel itself, which has been designed to make you feel like a modern-day adventurer: raw wood, wicker and ochre colours create a soft and natural atmosphere. You will love visiting the Batalha monastery and nearby Fatima sanctuary, before relaxing in the indoor swimming pool at this hotel with a thousand autumnal colours.

I want to discover this exceptional hotel

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