Best Cameras for Your Next Destination

Cameras are wonderful tools to help you capture the best moments of every trip. Whether it is a family vacation or solo backing adventure, a camera is a vital thing to bring. There is a wide range of cameras you can choose from for traveling purposes and each camera has its own unique expertise.

For instance, the best camera for wildlife photography, the most compact camera, the best camera for outdoor adventures, and the best camera for beginners. As travelers ourselves, we have created a list of the top cameras for traveling. We hope you enjoy it!

1.    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VII

This camera is not only compact but is reviewed by many raving about it being the ideal travel camera. Pocket-sized, beautiful photos, and top-notch video, this Sony makes for the perfect travel camera.

2.    Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera

This Polaroid camera is loads of fun. Coming in many different colors you are always sure to have a blast. Polaroids are the perfect way to capture core memories. From a little wallet picture to a wall of memories, this camera will bring you the best moments in a retro way.

3.    Leica SL2

Created specifically to get the best photo and video, this new Leica SL2 uses a 47-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and epic body image stabilization to bring nothing but the best quality for your most precious moments.

4.    Nikon z6 II

A top camera for wildlife photography, this Nikon camera is a great option for any safari, hike, or outdoor adventure. With a grand amount of versatility in every dimension, this camera has top-tier video capabilities and autofocus.

5.    GoPro Hero 10

An amazing camera for outdoor adventures, this waterproof GoPro camera is ready for any experience. With a carrying case, automatic cloud uploads during charge sessions, and a plethora of other features to allow you to get your best shot, this camera is a great pick.

6.    Leica Q2

This high-quality Leica Q2 camera has many wonderful features such as being dust and spray waterproof, 4K video mode, and high-speed performance, this camera is sure to capture even the quickest of moments.

7.    Fujifilm X100v

This Fujifilm camera was specifically designed for maximum speed and quality. Being quite compact and having the ability to capture the best moments of every trip, this makes for the perfect camera for travel photography.

8. Canon EOS R7

Mirrorless, high performance, and quite advanced, this nifty Canon can catch even the fastest of moments. This camera allows you to take both high-quality photos and videos, while you enjoy the experiences of a lifetime.

9. Nikon D3500

A wonderful Nikon camera if you are taking a dive into photography and want to take the best moments home with you. Lightweight, compact, and excellent image quality make this camera a must-pack.

10.  Canon Rebel T5

This Canon camera brings wonderful quality comparable to exquisite professional cameras while leaving out the complexities. This is the perfect camera for beginner photographers who want to capture their experiences in the best quality.

11. iPhone 13 pro Camera

iPhone has been a trailblazer in the world of cameras. The latest model, the iPhone 13 Pro has created by far the best camera system of any iPhone. Unlike phones in the past, the new iPhone 13 Pro is extremely durable, and as a phone, extremely compact, and easy to bring everywhere.

Special Travel Camera

Mavic 3 Drone

This epic high-quality Mavic drone makes for an awesome travel camera. The drone cannot only have a battery life of up to 6 hours, but it can also charge your phone! Aerial photography is the Mavic 3’s expertise, so matter where you are headed, this drone will ensure the best photos.

Featured Accessory


This OM 5 is a wonderful accessory that allows you to take your smartphone to the next level. Small, portable, and flexible this accessory is the perfect travel companion.

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