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Are you one of the 50% of French people who book their holidays in France every year? There are a thousand and one reasons why our country continues to be the number one tourist destination in the world. Among these reasons, the diversity of landscapes. What other country can boast of having the sea, the countryside, the mountains and the city, just a few hours away from each other?

As a Parisian, I am always impressed by the richness that the outskirts of the capital themselves can offer us. If the Île-de-France is full of pretty forests and majestic castles, Alsace and its small villages immerse you in an exotic atmosphere, and the sea of Normandy is accessible more quickly than you think. Ideal for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

If you want to discover striking destinations less than 2 hours from Paris, it's here . Otherwise, I let you discover my selection of great places, to discover or rediscover our sweet country. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

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5 destinations to (re)discover the full potential of our beautiful France

Mountains, sea, green valleys, grandiloquent metropolises and picturesque villages… France has so much more than its capital to offer travel lovers! Need inspiration to find your next destination on the territory? It's here that it happens.


Brittany is much more than pancakes and chouchen. From Brest to Saint-Malo, the diversity of this region is characteristic of the wonders that France can bring us. And if the bad Breton weather invites itself for a few hours, two options are available to you: put on your yellow raincoat to go on an adventure anyway, or relax at the bar or at the spa of your wonderful hotel.

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Atlantic coast

From La Baule to Biarritz, nature fanatics love the diversity of landscapes and local cultures of the Atlantic coast. Between pine trees and long white sand beaches, small coves reached by steep cliffs and long walks along the coast, this part of France has everything to please you, for a 100% relaxing weekend.

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The Camargue Regional Natural Park is probably one of the most beautiful natural areas in our territory. At the edge of the Mediterranean, pink flamingos greet you with one paw, while inland, the herds make you discover breathtaking landscapes where the herds of horses and cows of the region flourish in freedom. We love going there to get a ray of sunshine at the end of the year!

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Bordeaux region

Between historic center and modern architecture, the ninth most visited city in France is itself full of diverse and varied riches. Stroll near the water mirror on Place de la Bourse, before heading to the right bank, in the lively Bastide district to have a good glass of local wine. And why not take the opportunity to take a trip outside the city, to the famous vineyards that bring together some of the biggest names in oenology?

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Sacred city #1 where life is good on many occasions, Annecy opens its arms to you, for a weekend between mountains, lakes and the cobbled city center full of charm. Whether you are a fan of mountaineering or not, the call of the mountains will be felt - in your walks as well as in your plates, full of specialties from Haute-Savoie. And good news: many of the hikes are accessible to beginners!

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How to transform your room into a cozy hotel?

You love staying in hotels but, when you get home, it's always the same thing: you miss the soft bed, the service full of little attentions, and this feeling of soft comfort. And if you opt for these decorative objects created by famous hotels, to bring back a little of this softness in your own cocoon?

The Mama Shelter pillow

The Mama pillow is a pillow that has two levels of firmness. Its 90% down and 10% feather filling on the top and bottom, and 100% feather filling in the middle is as comfortable as it is durable: it does not lose its shape and leaves no feathers behind.

Sheet set by Greige

Created in France, the satin and cotton fitted sheet, soft and elegant, may discourage you from getting up in the morning. If in addition we tell you that this set of cotton sateen sheets softens after each wash... The dream, isn't it?

The Hotel Costes candle

How about adding a touch of romance to your home? This candle from Hotel Costes, designed by the famous nose Olivia Giacobetti for Jean-Louis Costes, will delight your guests, both with its scents and its design.

The Ritz bathrobe

Did you know that bathrobes are the most stolen items in hotels? No need to steal to sit in the middle of your living room as you would in your hotel room: you can get the Ritz bathrobe in store!

Go here to find all these objects!

The hotel of the moment: Nomade Holbox (Mexico)

Want to get out of our sweet country, to escape a little further? Cross the Atlantic towards the island of Holbox in Mexico, where this atypical hotel has unparalleled designer surprises in store for you. The rooms on stilts, with a very bohemian-chic design, will make you gain height in your daily life in no time. At 200 meters, a beautiful beach awaits you, to soak your feet in the same ocean as in France - just a little warmer!

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Hotel Tips: How do I request a late check-out ?

What could be more disappointing than having to change in the hotel's shared toilets on the last day of your stay after taking a last dip in the pool? This is where the late check-out is interesting… but not always easy to obtain! Here is my advice to succeed in getting it: do not ask for your late check-out at the start of your stay, and wait until the day before your departure.

Why ? Quite simply because receptionists often do not have a precise view of arrivals before the day before the day in question. So go to the hotel lobby the day before your departure, to ask (with your biggest smile!) if you can have a late check-out . For an extra hour or two, it's completely playable, and for free. Beyond two hours, ask what the additional cost of this service would be. And let's go for a good nap before your departure!

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