Discover the Chalet Leopold with Markus Schermann

Can you introduce yourself ?

I am Markus, born in Graz, Styria's Regional Capital some 200km south of Vienna. A Unesco World heritage city full of Austrian history. Civil Engineer by profession I have been living in Asia for the past decade. In 2020 I discovered Chalet Leopold, a real gem in a Nature reserve just 45 mins drive from Graz. Over the past 3 years we have brought back to life what was once home for generations of Austrian farmer families. The last couple, Anna and Leopold and their 11 kids left the farm in the late 1980's as they were still not connected to the local power grid.

Tell us about your hotel

The house remained a simple hunters lodge for some decades until we lovingly and carefully restored over the past three three years. It was completed this summer 2022 and now shines as a retreat full of tranquility, security, moments in which one would like to believe that time stands still. Stood still for all those three hundred years.
And yet awakened to a new life. Reborn by a world-travelers. Refurnished with meticulousness and dedication, contemporary furniture meets antiques, modern bathrooms, high-quality beds, sophisticated books on the bedside table, accessories selected with attention to detail, soft colors and materials, not losing sight of the harmony of traditional values, along with the alliance of the esprit of the modern interior, relying on fond memories of an earlier, ideal time. In the right dosage and in the most charming way. Like opening a picture book and entering it at the same moment.
A little fairy tale, a pinch of nostalgia, plus a skillful touch for the here and now. The wonderful scent of stone pine. An armchair here, a bowl there. Apples. As it always was. And always will be.

What experience will travelers have in your hotel?

Chalet Leopold is a place that gives strength, that allows you to rediscover slowness, that allows you to come to rest and find your own center again. To arrive at oneself. To refuel. To feel grounded. To calm down in order to hear the silence. And to hear natures voice.
Endless walking and hiking trails invite you to explore the surroundings, trudge through the snow of the magnificent winter forests, admire the snow crystals glistening in the sun, encounter wildlife. Catching the gaze of a deer. Tracks in the snow.
For sure an excursion to the nearby city of culture, art and pleasure, Graz, with all its museums, galleries, concerts, a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Schlossberg, the parks and gardens, strolling with southern flair in the romantic old town.
And then return to the warm, cozy chalet. To peace and tranquility, to feel the security behind thick walls, as they gave it in all the three hundred years to the people who felt comfortable in it. A good glass of wine, fragrant delicacies prepared on the stove, sitting around the centuries old table.
Enjoying, being in the moment, feeling at peace with yourself and the world. These are moments when happiness can arise, a spark can ignite to recharge, relax and meet the world again with mindfulness and a smile.

What are the strengths of your establishment?

A unique place for special people. For a few days, for a few weeks.
For romantic winter pleasures with candlelight and crackling wood in the fireplace. For moments of togetherness, conviviality with family or friends. Or the fulfilled solitude, the all-oneness.
In winter silence with all its white joys, memories from happy childhood days.
Or for happy summer vacations enjoying fresh mountain milk, honey and red geraniums. Unforgettable moments.

What are the main services of your hotel?

Chalet Leopold is self-catered but we are on hands to provide a number of extra services on request such as daily cleaning and Catering. Just at the doorstep we organize guided tours in the nature reserve, hunting, bow and arrow, off-road-driving experience, Yoga etc. etc.

Do you want to tell our readers anything else?

Quiet and calm, a time for the soul and a rare find in our hectic world: Here at Chalet Leopold, on 700 meters above sea level, the silence is something luxurious for people who seek tranquility, contemplation, mindfulness. Moments to pause, to listen and to feel, to to retrieve the true values that only nature can give us.

Nicolas Marsaud

By Nicolas Marsaud in Getaway