Best Design Hotels in Tuscany

Tuscany is a charming destination that welcomes more tourists each year than one could imagine. This cultural oasis features some of the most beautiful art, history, food, and wine that the country has to offer. A true Italian gem, this region will give you everything and more. From originality to tradition, this region makes sure you feel the authentic Tuscan spirit.

Best Design Hotels in Tuscany

1.    J.K. Place Firenze

This vibrant Tuscan design hotel is placed in the heart of Tuscany. Here at J.K. Place Firenze, you will find that the space is deeply inspired by the elegant culture, lively heritage, and beauty of Tuscany’s artistic community. Timeless as ever, this beautifully classic hotel has been reimagined in order to accommodate new travelers and vacationers from across the globe.

Spend time at The Kitchen & The Bar, where you can indulge in a wonderful Tuscan breakfast and beautifully iconic views, and later relax to enjoy a cocktail. This intimate setting allows you to spend time with those you love most. This mouthwatering menu offers a treat for everyone. With vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, there won’t be any room for disappointment.

Imagine fresh tiramisu, Caprese lemon tarts, and more. This hotel will not only take care of you and your loved ones but will also go above and beyond to give you the true Tuscan experience.

2.    Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco

This beautiful design hotel is placed in Val d’Orcia, one of the region’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Rosewood offers utterly breathtaking views, an authentic Tuscan experience, forty-two suites, and 11 villas. The villas are exceptionally wonderful, with heated pools, elegant terraces, and breath-taking gardens. The suites feature a classic and graceful look with ultimate Italian comfort.

Here at the Rosewood, authentic Tuscan cuisine comes to life. This hotel features two different wonderful fine-dining spots. A fan of simplicity and beautiful flavors, Executive chef Matteo Temperini prepares only the finest dishes for his restaurants. You can experience the Siena food market & Florence street food photo tour or head over to the Rosewood’s two iconic restaurants, Ristorante Campo del Drago and the Osteria la Canonica.

An atmosphere that cultivates serenity and relaxation, this Spa will surely be an oasis of peace. Take in the beautiful views of the private garden or indulge in the warmth and comfort of the sauna. Your wellness needs are sure to be met here at the Spa.

3.    Casa Iris

Placed inside the beautiful historical area of Orbetello, this design hotel features elements of both ancient elegance and modern beauty. Featured in Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, AD Spain, Harper’s Bazaar, and many more. It’s no wonder it’s so popular; this boutique bed and breakfast gives you the most authentic Tuscan experience from the heart of a true Tuscan home.

A delicate and relaxing seaside escape, this makes for a perfect destination to pass through or to vacation at. Only a drive away from Pisa, Florence, or Rome, Casa Iris can be your one-night stay or weeklong home; the choice is all up to you!

Casa Iris is the perfect destination for a peaceful getaway and a break from the formalities of life. Here you can leave behind big-city worries and focus on what matters most to you. Casa Iris gives you the cozy at-home feel while also giving you an unforgettable aesthetic.

4.    Castello di Vicarello

The iconic Castello di Vicarello is set in the middle of the beautiful Maremma countryside. Here the gaze is filled with vineyards, olive groves, and elegant land for as far as the eye can see. A luxury design hotel that features nine suites, each one holds its own style, personality, and distinct elements. Placed on the Condé Nast Traveler Gold List and Decanter’s 2019 world wine awards, there is no question as to why this timeless accommodation ranks as a top design hotel in Tuscany.

With food supplied from the farm, you will not only eat the best of Tuscany, but you will also get to experience fresh vegetables, herbs, and seasonal specialties. Indulge in a classic breakfast where you can taste one of the famous plates, the Formaggio ricotta, which is locally sourced and made with love.

Take part in cooking classes at the Castello cooking school or reserve a romantic dinner for two, placed in secret spots around the area, making it a beautiful and serene experience. Enjoy a massage or a plethora of treatments from the beauty of your own suite or within the gardens. The gardens offer a luscious scent of lavender and jasmine that play with the senses and offer a once-in-a-lifetime Tuscan experience.

5.    La Bandita Townhouse

Tuscany is known for many things, such as its breathtaking countryside and the artistic beauty that is felt in the region’s cities, but it is also known for its elegant village life. An aspect of Tuscany that often gets overshadowed by the others. A twelve-room luxury design hotel, this boutique beauty is delicately placed in the center of Pienza. A hidden gem in the region, this space will give you what the others cannot.

Tuscany is the heart of wonderful food. One of the top destinations across the globe to enjoy some of the most exquisite meals, La Bandita Townhouse is a wonderful space to experience some of the most captivating dishes in the region. Indulge in the Townhouse Caffe, where you can taste only the best of the area in an intimate setting where every sense experiences the enchanting experience.

For wine lovers and travel enthusiasts, this beautiful region allows you to fall in love with the sweetness of village life and the simplicity of top cuisine at every corner. The natural elements and love that fill the air make this one of the top destinations in Italy. Find yourself falling in the love with Tuscany’s secret treasure.

Top Restaurants

1.    Borgo San Jacopo

The Borgo San Jacopo encapsulates the true gourmet Italian experience. Here you can experience a beautiful view over the River Arno, where you can indulge in chef Claudio Mengoni’s splendid dishes, where he brings a sense of originality and pristine creativity to the authentic flavors of the Tuscany. These gracefully integrated ingredients will leave every sense satisfied.

2.    Osteria Pagliazza

Placed in an elegant 4-star hotel, the atmosphere is luxurious and portrays the true essence of Tuscany. This restaurant delicately highlights wonderful Tuscan flavors in traditional yet innovative dishes.

3.    L’insolita Trattoria

A unique atmosphere where the fun of cooking comes to life. The beauty of flavor and different ingredients play a large role in creating an unforgettable experience. Thinking outside the box is a foundational theme throughout this space. Where traditional dishes are designed to encompass new designs, colors, and presentations. Taking a new spin on traditional.

4.    Cibreo Cibleo

With a special Tuscan twist, there is not a restaurant like this one. Where Japanese and Korean influences beautifully fill the space and inspire the dishes, creating a blend of Asian influence with Tuscan tradition. Created out of a deep love for a restaurant in Kyoto, Fabio Picchi has found how wonderfully different languages integrate into cuisine. The love of other places and the art of cuisine only positively enhances a meal and the experience of those who open their hearts to it.

5.    L’ortone

A family-oriented restaurant where traditional recipes are passed down from the elders, and the group continues to create traditional dishes with a contemporary touch. With homemade bread, pasta, and desserts, L’ortone wants nothing more than to treat you like the family you are. Together, the atmosphere is unforgettable, loving, and nothing short of divine.

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