Best Shopping in Paris? The Parisians Have You Covered

Paris is a beautiful city that welcomes a plethora of tourists from all over the world. No matter what season the city of love is in, people are enjoying its beauty and indulging in its lifestyle. Filled with romance, history, art, and a trendy food scene, it just makes sense that the city is rated as one of the top destinations in the world. So, before you pack your bag, remember to leave some room for your new purchases, all thanks to our wonderful Paris!

Le Bon Marché – Luxury’s Home Since 1852

Whether it's beauty, women’s fashion, or children’s attire this space has it all. You can be sure to find everything and more here at Le Bon Marché, which also happens to be the city’s most famous French shopping center. Founded back in 1852, the store actually ranks as the oldest department store in the world and is a part of the LVMH brand. The art of shopping has truly been mastered here at Le Bon Marché, so join the splendid experience by picking out new home décor, something special for your significant other, or a Parisian treat just for you. 


Although the center is a pristine place to shop till you drop, you will be fascinated by the other wonderous adventures Le Bon Marché has to offer. Unique works of art are placed in the atmosphere to spread appreciation and awareness of contemporary art and its talented artists. From Japanese designers creating pieces that speak serenity and joy to exhibitions that recreate the way you view your surroundings; the exquisite works bring to life the power of creativity and its relationship with the world of fashion. Providing a ground for curiosity, Le Bon Marché enlightens the left bank with artistic expression.



A classic Parisian brasserie experience that presents you with three unique French menus that are sure to please the soul.

Primo Piano

Simple Italian cuisine utilizing fresh produce while placing you in a stylish Italianesque restaurant.  

Rose Bakery

English delicacies, paired with comfort & natural light, makes for the perfect environment to enjoy some quiche, tea, or their popular carrot cake.

By Season

Envision a New York coffee shop, from the décor to the mood, it’s the perfect stop for a quick & scrumptious dish.


A taste of Italy in the heart of Paris, there is no better combo. The restaurant features cuisine and produce that's imported straight from the source, Italy. Partnered with hand-picked producers, you can enjoy true Italian cuisine from the streets of Paris.


With forty different cutting-edge brands within the store, you won’t miss your favorites. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior have all found a home at Le Bon Marché. But what is Le Bon Marché known for? To start, the store has an impressive selection of lingerie. With a wide selection of famous French brands, you will surely find the perfect piece.

When it comes to weddings, the celebrated wedding boutique caters to those searching for the perfect designer dress. This boutique is a wonderland of designers featuring dresses from Christian Dior to Lanvin. Although these dresses fall on the pricier side, you can still acquire a great deal during the annual sales, here at Le Bon Marché.

Samaritaine – Innovative Architecture & Design

Whether it is couture, beauty, or a new wine selection, the Samaritane has you covered. Dating back to 1603, the Samaritaine has made an iconic name for itself. Filled with rich history and architecture, the space was proud to present its grand reopening in 2021, just in time to celebrate its 151st anniversary. Don’t worry, you can also stay quite close to this shopping area by placing a reservation with Cheval Blanc, an LVMH brand luxury hotel.

This exquisite French department store is loved dearly by Parisians, but also people from all over the globe. Since the beginning, the architecture has stood out for its innovation and experimental design.


Imagine bright colors, vivid details, and artistic expression from the experts. This wonderful atmosphere places you in a scene where their once solid white concrete walls, begging to be made into art, had their wish granted. Three outstanding French artists spread excellence and curiosity amongst the space, giving it body, creativity, texture, and vivid color.

While enjoying your day or shopping, take time to enjoy the wonderful works that present themselves throughout the store. Understanding Parisian culture starts by appreciating Parisian creativity.


Krug Studio

Open the mind & the senses, by indulging in a musical experience that not only awakens the senses but satisfies the soul.


Immerse yourself in color, art, and one-of-a-kind dining. Innovation in international cuisine is constantly underway thank you to the renowned Chef Mathieu Viannay.

Ernest By Naoëlle D’Hainaut & Eric Kayser

In need of quick quiche or heavenly croissant? Start your shopping day at Ernest, or if you prefer, you can stop by after 7 pm to experience their wine & tapas.

Dinette By Dalloyau

The restaurant that offers a little bit of everything, from dessert dishes to gourmet French cuisine; loved by many, Dinette is somewhere that will have a little something for everyone.

Zinc By Brûlerie des Gobelins

Coffee lover? Look no further than Zinc. Each coffee has its own unique story and flavor. The atmosphere brings you a true Parisian café feel, with yellow accents and a modern environment, you will feel right at home.

Pâtisserie L’exclusive By Dalloyau

A beautiful bakery filled with chocolate, baked treats, and champagne this is the perfect place to spend the end of your shopping adventure.

Source By Joie

A wonderful restaurant that offers you fresh juice, a plethora of vegetarian options, and dishes created with fresh seasonal produce. In this space, health & flavor is the number one priority.

Rue Saint-Honoré – Luxury Shopping & the Louvre too? Sign Me Up!

A street filled with boutique stores, beautiful architecture, and endless fine dining options, it’s no wonder Rue Saint-Honoré ranks as one of the best shopping destinations in Paris. Staying close to this 2km wonderland is quite easy as well, with some of Paris’s top luxury hotels placed nearby.

Popular Destinations

Shopping isn’t all Rue Saint-Honoré has to offer. In fact, after shopping to your heart’s content, feel free to take a stroll to the Louvre or maybe even the Place Vendome. The location of Rue Saint-Honoré couldn’t be better, with attractions left and right, you are sure to have a grand adventure here, while also making a few luxury purchases, of course.


Some popular brands that call this area home are –

  • Furla

  • Burberry

  • Chanel

  • Tom Ford

  • Chloe

  • Gucci

  • Balenciaga

  • Miu Miu

  • Jo Malone



This restaurant features over two hundred different dessert options and will surely satisfy your tastebuds with their oriental cuisine, inspired by Algerian cooking.


Craving Japanese? Stop at Nodaiwa where they serve grilled eel as their specialty and top-ranked meal.


Italian specialties are Milo’s expertise. While you shop in Paris, why not let your food take you to the beautiful grounds of Italy, as the food transforms your senses.

Pizza Wawa

Gourmet pizza while shopping is a must, and Pizza Wawa, gives you the best pizza the street can offer, while also featuring, salads, antipasta, and a few desserts as well! Bon appetite!

The Marais – Historic, Luxury, & Sunday Shopping too!

The Marais is placed in a historic district that appeals to many, even the Parisians. Many of the stores are open on Sundays, which is when most shopping in the city is closed! The streets are filled with activities, boutique stores, and architecture that tells the tale of our wonderful Paris.


The shops in the Marais are quite distinct to France, and Paris in specific. Many of them can’t be found elsewhere making it a unique experience that can’t be had anywhere but here.

Between the streets of rue vielle du temple, rue des francs Bourgeois, and around the wonderous Picasso Museum you will find your shopping selection.

  • French Trotters

  • Karl Lagerfeld

  • L’Eclaireur

  • Leon & Harper

  • Soi Paris

  • Guerlain

  • La Station – The Different Company


Le Perchoir Marais

An unforgettable experience, where you can chit chat, sip cocktails, and snack while gazing into the beauty of Paris. With views of the Seine and Eiffel tower you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. 


Unique chocolate with foreign spices? Sign me up! This luxury chocolatier provides exquisite chocolate, with spices such as Indian curry and Japanese ginger.

Máncora Cebicheria

An exquisite Peruvian restaurant with a popular ceviche dish filled with fresh ingredients such as lime and fresh fish, a Peruvian special.  

Maison Plisson

A wonderful place to pick up some fresh produce and most of is actually made here in France. A perfect place to stop and enjoy some unique delicacies.


Hank is a vegan fast-food restaurant that makes its top priority inspiring healthy choices and encouraging a small ecological footprint.

L’Aller Retour

Tasty French cuisine is known for its wine and meat and presents you with some of the finest meat in Paris. Whether you are wrapping up your shopping day or grabbing a mid-day meal, L’Aller Retour will provide you with wonderful gourmet cuisine.

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