Best U.S. Destinations to Staycation In

What is a staycation?

A staycation is a weekend getaway or close destination where you can spend time with your loved ones or even just yourself! They allow for a little vacation experience while not being too far from home, work, pets, and more!

Why go on a staycation?

A staycation allows you to take a healthy break in your own city or a city close to you. Allowing you to enjoy the better parts of your home. Many times we get so caught up in our own lives, routines, and jobs we fail to see the beauty of the world right in front of us. Going on a staycation gives you the perfect chance to indulge and enjoy your beautiful city. A break from the formalities of life gives you a much-needed break. Discovering and learning new parts about places near you teaches you how much is truly around you. One doesn’t need to take a flight to a new state to discover a new place, and in fact, there is always something to learn from the very places we live.

Top U.S. cities for a staycation

1. Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas and the live music capital of the world, Austin is a wonderful city that has quite a bit to offer. Take a staycation during some of the biggest music festivals, such as the Austin City Limits Festival which runs from October 7th to 16th this 2022.

2. San Diego, California

A beautiful city placed on the Pacific coast; San Diego is a tropical destination and the perfect staycation spot. Stay near one of the top beaches in Southern California, La Jolla Shores Beach. Here you can enjoy the sunshine, beautiful water, boating, and picture-perfect palm trees.

3. Seattle, Washington

Placed on the West Coast this seaport city brings a trendy food scene while providing a unique and dynamic urban environment. One interesting thing about Seattle is its access to many different environments. For instance, the mountains, the desert, and the city. This area gives you access to a beautiful city while keeping you within a couple of hours' distance of many other areas as well, making this a top staycation destination.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

This beautiful southern city is located right on the water. Here you can stay in a quaint little house on the water with top cuisine restaurants, and shopping all around you. Yes, Charleston is a city, but its Southern charm gives it a different feel and relaxed atmosphere. Here you can escape the larger cities of South Carolina, or even your day-to-day Charleston life by exploring the pieces of it you’ve never seen.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

Living in Hawaii, many other Hawaiian destinations are only a quick flight away. Honolulu gives you the best of both worlds with a city and a beach. This beautiful destination is perfect for beach lovers who also want to see a bit of history. This city is filled with many historical Pearl Harbor sites where you can experience many museums as well as memorials. Perfect for exploring a new place near you and the history that surrounds you, this is a wonderful staycation destination.

6. Alexandria, Virginia

Only a short drive outside of Washington D.C. this beautiful town looks like it belongs on a postcard. Filled with art, old town architecture and a colonial past, this destination makes for the perfect staycation. Alexandria is home to many museums, libraries, and the cutest dining locations.

7. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a magical desert town with iconic red rock all around it. This is a wonderful destination to staycation at, with a plethora of adventurous options. Here, you can explore a multitude of trailheads, check out the Red Rock State Park, and indulge in the beautiful weather. Check out jeep tours and other exploration options so you can make the most of your quick and easy staycation.

8. Bend, Oregon

One of the hidden gems of the United States is Bend, Oregon. Filled with a splendid amount of natural beauty and outdoor adventures, this wonderful town is the perfect staycation for the true adventurer. Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, or relaxing in Drake Park, this city will surely give you the refreshing staycation you so desperately needed.

9. Greenville, South Carolina

This quaint little town is filled with Southern hospitality, beautiful architecture, a trendy food scene, and a beautiful outdoor scene. Not too far from Columbia, South Carolina, this beautiful destination is within reach for many in South Carolina. Check out biking trails, ice cream shops, and the finest southern food, all right here in Greenville.

10. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Chapel Hill is home to one of the top universities in the U.S. and is filled with charming streets, arts, and trendy dining spots. Check out the Ackland Art Museum which showcases both European and Asian art. Spend your time exploring botanical gardens, going on a bike ride, or finding a unique brewery. This subtle North Carolina town is the perfect getaway spot for your next staycation!

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