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Life is an ever-changing experience and precious moments slip the mind before we know it. As our mindsets shift, the way we view the world transforms, how we want to enjoy our experience evolves, and lifestyle becomes far more important. Living in the moment and staying in spaces that invite you to celebrate the wonders of life creates happiness, gratitude, and a divine sense of community.

Lifestyle becomes a part of us no matter how far we wander. So, find a city and space that speaks to you, that allows you to enjoy the finer things in life, be in a like-minded community, indulge in inspirational cuisine, and take part in activities that allow you to live the life you want to.

So, what exactly is a lifestyle hotel?

A lifestyle hotel is a hotel that encompasses fine dining, a plethora of amenities, and an experience like no other, at all hours of the day. From top restaurants to the trendiest bars and events, these hotels will have everything at your fingertips.

These spaces emphasize their own lifestyle by including activities twenty-four seven. Indulge in the luxury lifestyle by attending DJ events, leisure activities, spa treatments, and gourmet dining. No matter what time it is, there is always something to explore at these accommodations, creating a true lifestyle persona in every destination.

Become part of the destination’s personality, the vibrant life that fuels the city, and discover like-minded people across the globe. No matter what time it may be and where you find yourself, there will be splendid food, drinks to toast, and people to enjoy the moment with.

Let us introduce you to luxury lifestyle hotels where the high-class experience never has to end. Taking it up a notch to luxury, these lifestyle hotels are inspired by elegance, charm, and never-ending glamorous activities.

The Hoxton Hotel Rome – Stay with The Experts, The Hoxton Knows Lifestyle

From the beginning, the Hoxton ruled the lifestyle hotel industry. A unique set of hotels that are influenced by the creative environment cities provide. The people, the culture, and the space inspire these buildings to be the perfect atmosphere in each city.

The Hoxton’s newest hotel set in Rome features one hundred and ninety-two bedrooms. With a luxury coffee station, top-tier restaurant, and exquisite outdoor terrace, you have access to everything you need while taking in the beauty of Rome.

Check out The Beverly, one of the Hoxton’s restaurants where you are served farm-fresh cuisine that is inspired by California dining. The Cugino is a go-to for the Hoxton. Here you can get small dishes and drinks every hour, so the lifestyle never has to end.

The W hotel Barcelona – It’s Always a Win, here at the W

Enjoy the W hotel Barcelona by indulging in their wide selection of dining options. With international dishes and globally inspired meals, your options are never-ending. Enjoy splendid views of Barcelona and the great Mediterranean. Check out the Eclipse Bar, here you can enjoy the top floor of the hotel where you can spend time taking a dip in the pool or celebrating with the stylish music.

The FIRE Steakhouse is known as one of the most favored restaurants in the city. Highlighting the elements, vibe, and true W experience it is a wonderful place to enjoy a splendid meal.

Being hungry at any hour is never a problem here. With twenty-four hour room service, feel free to take in the best meals and dessert at any time. You're sure to take a W, here at one of Barcelona's favorite lifestyle hotels.

Ham Yard London – Hang Out at The Ham Yard!

Check out this all-encompassing luxury accommodation. From ninety-one suites, twenty-four apartments, and a gracious selection of shopping and dining, London can certainly be enjoyed all from the Ham Yard. Not every vacation needs to be spent waltzing around the city, sometimes we want a fun and loving home base featuring top restaurants, events, spa access, and a fitness area.

You’re in luck, the Ham Yard has quite the selection of amenities. Enjoy the Croc bowling alley, personal training, the Ham Yard theatre, afternoon tea, or the serenity-filled spa. Bringing you the best of British produce and dining, the Ham Yard restaurant and bar bring you an everchanging modern menu or top-tier cuisine.

Looking for a fun in-house experience? Check out their 50’s styled bowling alley that is both a grand time and an unforgettable experience as you enjoy this timeless game with those you love most.

No matter what time it is, you’ll find a wonderful activity or divine dish here at the Ham Yard.  

The Standard, High Line, NYC – The Trendy Escape That Never Ends

Welcome to The Standard, New York City’s trendiest atmosphere. Not only does the city not sleep, but neither does The Standard. With activities galore, this is a top spot to stay where the fun never stops. Enjoy endless fine dining in one of the most influential cities in America.

Hungry? No matter when the feeling hits, The Standard is here to curb it by providing a plethora of modern restaurants and bars. The Standard Grill offers a splendid steakhouse that provides epic cocktails and elements inspired by traditional American delicacies.

Le Bain & The Rooftop gives you some of the most marvelous views of the Big Apple. Taking in the beauty of this lively city you can enjoy dancing, trendy cocktails, and the beautiful sunsets that the city so graciously gives us. The Biergarten, inspired by German cuisine, features sausages, beer, pretzels, and a great time. Whether you need a quick coffee or a late snack, The Living Room gives you an atmosphere where you can enjoy a little something at all hours of the day, or shall I say night?

There is always something to enjoy here at The Standard, one of the top lifestyle hotels in the city – from parties on the rooftop to bottomless brunch, trendy events are always being enjoyed at this NYC getaway.

The SoHo House Chicago – Chic, Fun, and Chicago’s Favorite

Chicago, home to Chicago-style hot dogs and deep-dish pizza, is proud to have the SoHo House Chicago. A fashionable hotel with chic dining and a high-class gym, this is the perfect place to stay, if you want Chicago at your fingertips.

From an internationally inspired spread of restaurants and bars, the food scene doesn’t disappoint. Have a drink at the Allis Bar which features Mediterranean-influenced small plates, grab a cocktail at Cecconi’s Roof Bar which gives you modern Italian cuisine, or check out Fox Bar, featuring a British sporting culture persona.

Thanks to the SoHo Health Club you can pursue your workout routine throughout your stay. Here you can have a personal trainer that can help enhance your routine or give you some new tips. The Health Club also features a boxing ring where you can take part in training and use your swift moves! Check out the plethora of classes that you can attend during your stay to help keep the body active and the mind alive, thanks to this active lifestyle hotel.

Mama Shelter Bordeaux – Mama Has It All!

Stay in Bordeaux’s trendiest escape at the Mama Shelter. With vivid colors and modern design, this hotel stands out in a multitude of categories. Following the Mama takes care of you, persona, this hotel has everything you could possibly need and more.

Imagine sipping cocktails on the rooftop while the DJ creates a vibrant atmosphere where Bordeaux begins to come alive. With an urban design and edgy décor, your lifestyle is sure to be the trendiest. Enjoy a meal at Mama Shelter’s restaurant where you can indulge in homemade meals with Italian and Asian influences. This cozy atmosphere is waiting for you to come and enjoy the wonderful Mama experience.

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