Milan Menswear Week – The Fashion Capital’s Finest Boutique Hotels

Being recognized as the fashion capital of the world, Milan unveils some of the most jaw-dropping, and cutting-edge couture. It’s no wonder everyone wants to find the best boutique hotels to stay in during one of the city's most exquisite events. Traveling for grand occasions, especially Fashion Week, should place you in an environment where you can effortlessly soak in the incredible pieces of the city. Such as food, culture, and the best locations.

Galleria Vik – Where Italian Art & History Celebrate Milan

The Galleria Vik Milano is a beautiful hotel that encapsulates both Milan’s past and present, giving you a full inside look at the city’s history, art, and culture. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but architecture can bring to life different time periods in a way that words and photos could never. This hotel has eighty-nine suites, all of which are completely distinct. Each presents you with little pieces of Milan through different artistic designs and elements.

This hotel is located in the city's historical center. The hotel’s structure is brought together by an elegant glass dome. This provides a magical atmosphere where you will truly feel connected to this amazing city. Speaking of fashion, many world-renowned brands call the Galleria home. So - the fashion, shopping, and eye-catching store windows, never have to end.

Given how busy one usually is during the pristine time of Milan Fashion Week, staying at the Galleria Vik leaves you steps away from Milan’s popular destinations and landmarks, meaning that you will be dreaming in the heart of haute cuisine, fashion, and exceptional Italian business.

Sina The Gray – Fashion, Fuchsia, & Excitement

Defined by an atmosphere that resembles a member-only environment, you can sleep well knowing you’ve made it to the best of Milan. The rooms here are quite spectacular with some even featuring their own private gym or Turkish bath and others presenting you with a spacious jacuzzi, the perfect atmosphere to relax and rewind.

This 5-star oasis has twenty-one rooms, three floors, and one superb restaurant. Find yourself relaxing on the hotel’s precious terrace as you overlook the fashion capital of the world or enjoying a meal at the fabulous Le Noir.

Room Mate Giulia - Discover Vintage, Discover Milan

The Room Mate Giulia is a unique hotel that offers eighty-five rooms, with distinct and colorful elements in each, you surely won’t forget this fashionable stay. From designer furniture to vivid colors, this hotel truly does stand out. Here you can discover one-of-a-kind interior design and the true meaning of boutique.

Discover which size, view, and amenities you would like, as the option at the Giulia are endless. This hotel features a gym, spa, bar, sauna, and daycare service. Featuring an international cocktail bar, there is always a space to create, enjoy, and indulge in life’s simple pleasures. Cheers!

The Senato Hotel – A Fashionable Stay and Fashion Week Must

The Senato experience is one like no other. In light of fashion week, this hotel is a must-see, or should we say, must-stay? People from across the globe, make this hotel a bucket list destination. The Senato stands out to travelers, fashion lovers, and designers all over the world due to its architecture and history.

The location places you in the center of town, where you are sure to not miss a beat, and be present at Milan’s most important events. The lobby presents you with modern sophistication and trendy décor. From black and white marble flooring, matte black walls, and intricate golden light fixtures, the ambiance will not disappoint.

Experience Senato with its selection of forty-three rooms and exquisite Senato Caffé. The Caffé’s interior design was the work of Italy’s well-known architect Alessandro Bianchi. No matter what hour of the day it is, you can enjoy a meal or a drink. So, no time is off-limits for enjoying the Senato’s upscale dining.

Mandarin Oriental – The Epitome of Luxury

Mandarin Oriental milan is where Italian elegance comes to life. This hotel has something to offer everyone, from a selection of seventy rooms and thirty-four suites, you are destined to find Milan’s finest accommodations.

This city may be the fashion capital of the world, and fashion week is undoubtedly one of its most iconic events, but let’s not forget Milan has still mastered the art of relaxation. The Mandarin Spa offers a stupendous selection of treatments, a gym, and a pristine aquatic area. Looking your best for fashion week is always a top priority, so take advantage of the hotel’s hair and nail salon, where you can be pampered, revied, and prepared for the newest couture drops.

Imagine picture-perfect dishes and Italian fine dining like no other. The main restaurant is placed in the center of the hotel, with elegant windows that showcase the chefs preparing your cuisine of choice. Whether you want to sip on a cocktail or grab breakfast, the Mandarin Garden is the perfect place to do so. With a relaxing atmosphere filled with luscious greenery and cozy couches, this is the perfect place to spend your time winding down from the fashion-filled days or preparing for couture.

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