Our Recommended Wellness and Spa Hotels for After the Festive Period

Here, we review some luxurious and affordable ideas for weekend breaks in spa and wellness hotels, after the festivities. The winter holiday season often leads to over-indulgence or sedentary evenings when we are sometimes more inactive than usual, due to the dark evenings and cold temperatures.

The Chedi Andermatt

The Chedi Andermatt Spa and wellness hotels are a great idea for combining a relaxing break with exercise. Why not browse through some of the deals here? These hotels offer fitness centres, saunas or swimming pools where swimmers (or paddlers!) can benefit from all-over aerobic exercise with the joints supported in the water. To tone the muscles, there are also exercise machines in the fitness room or club. Many restaurants offer optional detoxification diets too. This physical and mental conditioning and relaxation is an ideal complement for any weight loss or anti-stress programme, perhaps as part of one’s New Year resolutions.

B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa Zurich

B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa Zurich The well-being weekends and breaks on offer here include destinations from Acapulco to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Cannes. Some options are closer to home, such as Covent Garden. If you like Switzerland, you might like to consider Zurich - or the Chedi Andermatt, which offers a special experience with a 2,400 square metre facility including steam bath, hot tubs (with optional massages), sauna and swimming pool with padded loungers. The modern opulence and luxurious feel continues throughout this hotel with an attractive chimney in the lounge, a delightful dining room and traditional Alpine bedrooms with their own fireplaces, private bathrooms and even iPads included. It boasts two restaurants, beautiful views of the Swiss mountains and nearby skiing, hiking and cycling.

Les Manoirs de Tourgeville Deauville

Les Manoirs de Tourgeville Deauville A change is as good as a rest. This winter, escape from the regular routine with a relaxing break and an enjoyable return to gentle exercise - get the blood pumping and the heart beating!