SO/ Paris: The Luxury Hotel Debut of a Lifetime

Imagine contemporary innovation placed in one of the most romantic cities of all time, where the love of the city meets the creativity and beauty of those within it. Placed in the Marais, which brings to life the soul of Paris, you are met with history, culture, and the true Paris.

Welcome to SO/ Paris

From the second you enter the doors, creativity cannot be missed. The spirit of innovation, the deep appreciation for life, and the love of fashion intertwine to create an atmosphere so alive and prosperous that one could simply never forget it. Each element creates the masterpiece that, when put together, becomes SO/ Paris.

Many may not know, but at one time, this area was home to three islands. SO/ Paris is placed where one of those islands once stood. This specific island was used to store wood, and this hotel encapsulates this historical moment by using wood throughout the hotel's lobby, rooms, and the iconic doors at the enchanting front entrance.

Surrounded by the Seine, this beautiful hotel gives back to its home by embracing and celebrating the elegant history and beautiful demeanor of Paris. With lights in the shape of water droplets from the Seine, you are reminded of the beauty of simplicity and the pieces of Paris that make it one of the most iconic cities on Earth.

RDAI Architecture agency was placed in charge of the hotel's decoration. A quite iconic pairing, with RDAI doing the work of Hermès boutiques as well as Les Bains Paris, and more, this agency has brought to the life the emotion, passion, and warmth that Paris holds.

Iconic Entrances + Le Phare de Paris

Walking through the symbolic main entrance, you are greeted with an intricate combination of distinctive elements and materials that allow the hotel to represent different time periods and historical moments throughout the city's life. For instance, on the eight columns in the lobby, a graceful line is placed around each, representing the height of the water from the flood of 1910. The flirtatious interaction between elements such as concrete and warm leather gives the environment a witty yet sophisticated feel. An Hermès orange playfully dances around the hotel and welcomes you in every corner.

As you walk through the contemporary lobby, your eye is caught by a beautiful piece of artwork situated in the center of the hotel's main floor. Titled Le Phare de Paris, symbolling the piece as the beacon of Paris. The spirited colors and intertwined materials are brought to life through recycled everyday items bound together through the resin. Art is blended into every feature of the SO/ Paris, as are fashion and creativity.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This hotel has been powerfully inspired by the relationship between light and darkness. As you venture throughout the dim hallways, winded black staircases, and hidden areas, the sense of exploration is awakened. As one knows, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, something the hotel emphasizes immensely.

As you enter your accommodation, you are greeted with a splendid amount of sunlight radiating from every corner, awakening the senses, and delivering excitement. Accentuating the charm of Paris at night, little tributes are made to the city through pieces of furniture, design, and color. From the streetlights that line the Seine to the infamous colors that enchant a sunset in Paris, every piece serves as a token of appreciation to one of the world's most beloved cities. Breathtaking views fill every single room and suite, so no matter where you are, the city of light will shine for you.

Cheers to Bonnies

As the day begins to fall into the night and the sun slowly tucks away, the 15th and 16th floors become a magical place at SO/. Bonnies has become the Paris Society Group's latest masterpiece. These atmospheres present you with a lively, free, and sensational experience. Surrounded by panoramic windows and chic 50s and 60s designs, you will adventure through a futuristic ambiance. Here you can indulge in iconic cocktails while embracing the essence of Paris in the 1950s.

Bonnies features unparalleled views from every position, so you can enjoy the magic of Paris while partaking in a cutting-edge experience of a lifetime.

Spa Time with Maison Codage

This Spa is a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy luxurious relaxation and find your inner peace. The Spa features a cozy yet modern Hammam and two treatment rooms where you can take part in wonderfully revitalizing treatments and massages.

Views of a Lifetime

The SO/ Paris offers some of the most charming views Paris can offer. Here you can enjoy the elegance of the most romantic city in the world by gazing out at the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Cœur, the beautiful Seine, Notre Dame more.

Sloan Koester

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