The Best Hotel in Puglia – Italy’s Hidden Oasis

Ideal for casual wanders, olive oil, and a seaside escape, there is a quite a bit Puglia is known for. Find yourself enjoying the crystal-clear water, top Italian cuisine, and southern culture of Italy. Of course, we all want to drop by Rome & Florence, but the real gem is Puglia which you’ll reach if you head down just a bit farther.

Why Puglia?

Puglia is a great place to explore if you want to avoid tourist traffic and crowds. A go-to destination for Italians but has only recently been discovered by tourists. Due to this, you can still see lower prices than in the big cities and have an atmosphere where you can really practice your Italian.

Rated as one of the top regions for dining in the entire country, Puglia offers a splendid spread of food. Fruits and veggies are packed with flavor, and fresh produce is quite ample here. With sunny days and great weather, fresh food is always readily available.

Vegan and vegetarian friendly as well, there are options for the whole crew. Handmade pasta is found all over the area, so yes, it’s your chance to indulge and enjoy the wonders of this quaint little town. Fall in love with slowing down, enjoying the moment, and the charm Puglia offers everyone in its presence.

Top Hotel – Masseria Calderisi

With twenty-four suites and elegance in every corner, the Masseria is ready to welcome you home. Here you can find your own garden to enjoy, relax, and explore. Check out La Corte, Masseria Calderisi’s modern restaurant that takes you on a journey of true Puglian cooking. Envision fresh mozzarella, fresh produce, and organic meats from local farmers bringing the best products to you.

The Giola Pool Bar is an escape that is filled with beautiful lemon and olive trees creating a true Italian experience. Enjoy oven-fresh pizza by the pool, flavorful salads, and many other dishes inspired by the global world.

The Apero Bar is the perfect place to relax as the evening comes. With comfy couches and seating arrangements, it’s the best spot to enjoy a sunset and candlelit night. This bar is a wonderful place to meet travelers from across the globe, as you sit in gratitude for Puglia, your adventures, wonderful meals, and time spent in other places.

Cheers (with your spritz, of course!) to a wonderful stay here in Puglia.

Masseria Calderisi’s

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