The Best Luggage for Luxury Travel

Being travel gurus and luggage lovers, we have hand-selected our best picks for travel luggage. Luggage plays an important role in traveling as it truly does carry all our belongings and is heavily relied on.

So, it’s important we find luggage that can fit the things we need, allow us to show up in style, and bring style to our next destination, wherever that may be.

1. Rimowa – Fancy, Fun, Classic #Rimowa

Rimowa makes many amazing pieces, especially when it comes to luggage, but the Cabin in yellow lemon is quite the hit. Easy to spot and super unique, it makes this piece a great selection. You will truly stand out with this trendy + luxurious bag.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2.  The Medium – Subtle + Simplistic

The Medium by Away Travel is a durable + chic option, with a wide selection of colors, spinner wheels that allow the bag to glide smoothly through any destination, and even features a water-resistant laundry bag, this durable + lightweight bag makes a great choice.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

3.     Globe-Trotter Valise – Luxury’s Top Pick #GlobeTrotter

This classic bag is not only sophisticated but also timeless, in every sense. From the spacious interior to the black leather straps and carefully placed gold details, this bag is a beautiful selection.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto London, England, U.K.

4. Louis Vuitton – Chic Elegance, A Must-Have Modern Classic

This bag, created by Louis Vuitton, is an elegant shade of greige. Showcasing the brand’s famous monogram pattern, cowhide leather trim, and champagne finish features, this is an elegant bag that can be quite the accessory as well.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Milan, Italy

5. Mark Cross Grace Trunk – Classic Sophistication + Good for Any Destination

The Mark Cross Grace Trunk is the definition of a classic. With saffiano calfskin leather wrapped around the handles and red cotton twill lining, this bag is simply timeless. Envision New York City in the roaring ’20s, business booming, iconic suits, and timeless pieces we still love today.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto New York City, New York, U.S.A.

6. Gucci – Busy as A #GucciBee

Gucci’s bee bag is a trendy and unique piece that brings the joy of traveling to life. With a colorful pattern and little bees placed around the bag, Gucci’s love of the natural world comes to life. This bag brings an adventurous feeling where luxury and creativity live in harmony.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Dublin, Ireland

7.    FPM Milano – Studded Excellence  

This wonderful piece features a shade of steel gray with aluminum and leather. Using brown leather for both the top and side handle, and a grand amount of space, this bag is both luxurious, durable, and unique. This bag takes on classic sophistication and adds a twist.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Zürich, Switzerland

8.    Steamline Luggage - #FlyWithTheEditor A Timeless Piece

This bag is nothing short of beautiful or timeless. With a classic exterior and elegant interior, this bag is the perfect pick. Durable, spacious, and charming, this bag will add excellence anywhere.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Strasbourg, France

9. Tumi – Classic Travel #FlyWithTumi

Tumi is a sophisticated and classic luggage company known by many. This is a great bag for both durability and sleek design. Made of aluminum, and featuring tie-down straps and two retractable handles, there isn’t anywhere this classy bag can’t take you.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Oslo, Norway

10. Paravel – Sustainable Luggage #FlyEcoFriendly

A beautifully sustainable option for luggage, this piece is made of recycled products and sustainable materials such as Oeko-Tex and upcycled water bottles. With vegan leather and recycled zippers, this bag doesn’t only look good, but it also does good.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Marrakech, Morocco

Our Exclusive Pick - DiorXRimowa

Check out our exclusive pick from DiorXRimowa. A trendy + chic travel accessory for your next trip, DiorXRimowa has created a personal pouch. Made of pink aluminum, dark pink calfskin straps, and detailed with both Rimowa and Dior’s signatures, this futuristic pouch is the perfect piece to enjoy your next trip with.

Destination Idea - #bringthisbagto Tokyo, Japan

Sloan Koester

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