The Latest Additions to Paris: Newest Boutique Hotels

Paris is home to some of the most classic and beautiful hotels that exist across the globe. Their long-standing romantic architecture is a must-see but so is the new innovative design that is now finding a loving home in this city. These new hotels bring a fresh, inviting, and unique feel to the city of love. They bring to life inspiration, epic design, trendy elements, and the wonderful use of vivid color, bringing Paris romance with a twist.

1 Hotel Paris

One of the top growing hotel brands 1 Hotel, is opening an exceptional hotel in Paris, France. Known for its innovation and its environmentally respectful practices, this hotel is a global leader in the hospitality realm.

This hotel, placed in the Paris-Rive Gauche neighborhood will give the area a true breath of fresh air. Designed to bring a sense of freshness to the environment, the building is equipped with a grand amount of greenery and an elegant roof terrace.

This atmosphere features a top-notch gym, restaurant, and a wonderful co-working space as well.

TOO Hotel

TOO Restaurant © Jérôme Galland

Designed by Philippe Starck, Too Hotel is a true masterpiece of a hotel located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This innovative building will now be the third tallest building in all of Paris. This unique design brings you above Paris so that you feel the city in its entirety. This hotel makes dreams come true by bringing you closer to the most iconic monument, the Eiffel Tour.

This creative and groundbreaking design is something Paris has not quite seen before, making its entrance iconic. Placed in an area as inventive as the hotel itself, this experience will give you something others cannot.

Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain

Nestled in between the world-renowned Café de Flore and the elegant Seine, the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain, gives you a true sense of Paris. The Pavillon is a hotel that prides itself on giving its customers a wonderfully genuine Parisian experience.

The Les Parisians restaurant offers a stylish and tasteful atmosphere where divine dishes are created. The James Joyce bar gives the livelihood and atmosphere of an English club but with a distinct Parisian essence.

Grand Mazarin

Enjoy a luxurious stay here in the Grand Mazarin, nestled in the elegant area of the Marais. One of the most famous neighborhoods, this atmosphere is glistening with creativity and innovation. Swedish interior designer, Martin Brudnizki creates the hotel’s soul by bringing to life the classic French style while bringing the space a modern touch. Both charmingly romantic and luxurious, this hotel will not disappoint.

Here you can enjoy a top hotel, fine dining, and some of the best shopping the city of Paris has to offer.

Sloan Koester

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