The Top Luxury Design Hotels

What is a luxury design hotel?

A luxury design hotel is a hotel that embodies its own essence. These hotels bring to life the inspiration of different entities such as nature, travel, a certain city, or cultural influence. Every element encompasses these inspirations and brings you uniqueness and creativity.

Top Luxury Design Hotels

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

This beautiful hotel is placed in the heart of Barcelona in the Passeig de Gràcia. This area is filled with tapas dining and beautiful works of Gaudí himself. The Mandarin Oriental is distinctly unique and set apart from the others through its unique design and style.

This beautiful and undeniably unique hotel brings to life the wonders of this iconic Spanish city. Enjoy exquisite cuisine at restaurant Moments, where you can experience true gastronomic Catalan dishes, or try the Blanc, where you can enjoy high-class dining all day.  

Conservatorium Amsterdam

Placed in the center of Amsterdam’s beauty, the Conservatorium is an extremely well-known and inspiring hotel all throughout the Netherlands. A cultural masterpiece and an architectural elegance, this hotel brings the city to you. From the location to the décor you are constantly reminded of the wonders of Amsterdam.

From guestrooms to signature suites there is an incredible room waiting for you here at the Conservatorium. This hotel features many different activities such as the Exhibition Color as Language, Milkshake Festivals, the Het Amsterdamse Terrassen Festival, and more.

Taiko Cuisine is one of a kind Asian-influenced dining atmosphere. This restaurant does not focus only on creating high-quality dishes but also focuses on engaging all of your senses to create an everlasting satisfying experience.

Enjoy the Taiko Bar where only the finest bartenders of Amsterdam find themselves. This speakeasy-influenced atmosphere encapsulates the polished nightlife scene of major Asian cities such as Bangkok, Thailand, and Shanghai.

1 Hotel Central Park

1 Hotel Central Park is an architectural piece influenced by the beauty of nature. This New York City gem is located steps away from the heart of the city, Central Park. Greenery hugs every corner of this building creating the idea that 1 Hotel Central Park is a piece of nature. The 1 hotel takes deep pride in making responsible ecological choices.

Exquisite Chef Jonathan Waxman brings the atmosphere only the best farm-fresh cuisine for both the mind and body. With dishes inspired by the seasons, you will be enjoying meals unique to the time, ensuring freshness and innovation.

Spend time at the wellness area where you can become one with your mind and body. Following the natural theme and inspiring design, this atmosphere allows you to become one with yourself and the environment around you.

Santa Monica Proper Hotel

One of the top design hotels in all of Santa Monica is the Proper Hotel. This hotel is inspired by the beautiful California coast. Elements of the coastline's texture are used in different pieces of every room to give you the true experience of Santa Monica.

Enjoy the rooftop dining where there are not only incredible views but also a plethora of ocean-inspired décor and design, bringing the ocean to life throughout the space. Here at the Proper, you can enjoy a rooftop swim while basking in the Californian sun.

What makes these hotels so special?

Luxury design hotels are such beautiful atmospheres because they embody precious places, elements, and beauty. Imagine every detail being used specifically to embrace the essence of a place or element. Every little detail is used to bring alive the atmosphere and transform your experience. There isn’t a hotel that quite compares to this kind. Special in every way, these luxury design hotels will surely satisfy your senses.

Sloan Koester

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