Top Design Hotels in Alentejo, Portugal’s Countryside Oasis

What is so special about Alentejo?

This beautiful region of Portugal is quite special for many reasons, but one in specific is that it is Portugal's hidden wine region. This beautiful area has exquisite vineyards and truly makes a wonderful wine destination. Closely situated near Lisbon, the country’s capital, there is plenty to do both in and around Alentejo.

This region is a perfect area for family vacations or a relaxing getaway. This unique area is filled with a plethora of olive trees, farmland, and many adventures throughout Alentejo, allowing you to experience the beautiful and inviting nature. Rich in culture, there is always something new to learn and visit.

Things to do in Alentejo

1.    Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage site, allows you to discover many remarkable cultural landmarks and its history.

2.    Take part in a wine tour! Most of the well-known Portuguese wines actually come from this beautiful region. Alentejo is prominently known for its world-class red blends, but also features some whites that are increasing in popularity by the day!

3.    The beaches of Alentejo are some of the most alluring beaches in the entire country. All along this wonderful coast, rest adorable villages and beautiful restaurants that are sure to please the senses.

4.    Tróia Peninsula, the perfect getaway from crowded atmospheres, here you can enjoy a plethora of water activities and water sports with your friends and family!

Top Design Hotels in Alentejo

Casa Mãe

Welcome to the beautiful Casa Mãe a beautiful boutique hotel where the atmosphere is always sunny-side up! With many different styles of décor such as vintage and boho chic, there is sure to be the perfect room for you.

Enjoy the Orta restaurant, where vivid cuisine and flavorful ingredients fill your plate, no matter what time it is. Indulge in local goodness and farm-fresh supplies with every meal. From Portuguese artisan cheeses to braised octopus, this restaurant is sure to satisfy the taste buds.

Ponte Pedra

A luxurious and quaint getaway, Ponte Pedra a wonderful design hotel, is where creativity and the enjoyment of life reach the surface. This environment was created to increase comfort and allow you to feel right at home. With many different garden and countryside view options, you are sure to find the one that perfectly suits you. If you want to enjoy both the pool and its view, feel free to request a pool view!

Many activities are either near or at the accommodation! Feel free to enjoy bike riding, swimming, yoga classes, meditation, horseback riding, surf lessons, wine tasting, and more!

Casa do Governador

Casa do Governador welcomes you to a beautiful boutique centennial house that is placed in an exquisite ecological reserve. This accommodation is conveniently set just a short walk away from Évora and an even closer walk to Convento de Espinheiro. This petite oasis gives you the perfect at-home feel, featuring traditional dishes and an inviting design.

Keeping its history alive is very important since this beautiful home has been passed from generation to generation. So, even after renovation and updates, the history is still there in the most touching ways. With rustic décor and contemporary additions, its history continues to happily live on.  

Here you can enjoy cuisine specific to the region, where every meal is handcrafted to perfection. Using local products, this kitchen brings you only the best of Alentejo's regional cuisine.

Tres Marias

This country guesthouse invites you to call this region home for as long as your stay allows. The beautiful rooms of Tres Marias bring you natural comfort and dreamy design. Check out the beautiful fields where animals graze in peace and harmony. Consisting of only fifteen rooms, you can sleep well, knowing you are in a peaceful and exclusive environment.

Check out some of the many activities you can partake in such as bike riding, ceramics, yoga, surfing, paddle boarding, and boating trips! Feel free to enjoy a family night with some board games and puzzles! Here at the Tres Marias, the enjoyment of life never has to end.

Octant Évora

Nestled in the heart of Alentejo, Octant Évora, offers you a peaceful getaway where you are filled with relaxation. Quite fond of simplicity, this beautiful escape allows you to reconnect with nature and enjoy views of the pool & garden. Enjoy family rooms featuring a terrace or a villa including a private pool.

In love with the rich history and culture of Alentejo, the restaurant’s cuisine represents traditional dishes and seasonal specialties. Both healthy and sustainable, these dishes will not disappoint.  

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