Top Design Hotels in Arles – The City That Celebrates Art

The international photography festival that takes place in Arles, which is a city that welcomes an exquisite art festival every year, bringing the country the excitement of the unknown. Each year this festival creates a new take on its exhibition.

When is the Rencontres d’Arles?

The dates of the 2022 art festival are July 4th to September 25th. This year’s artists grant us the wonders of the unseen by providing us with the ability to change our perception of the world. Artists and their creations have the amazing ability to alter the way we view reality, and those around us, by reminding us of the beauty of existence.

An absolutely splendid and exclusive experience, this is an adventure that should be not only be experienced by art lovers but those who want to expand their mind and find meaning in the world around them.

Top Boutique Hotels in Arles

L’Hotel Particulier

This beautiful hotel offers perfection in every moment. With sophistication and elegance throughout the entire property, you will undoubtedly feel the charm of L’Hotel Particulier your entire stay. With a plethora of different rooms and suites, you are sure to find the one that best fits you. From luxury suites featuring a terrace to splendid garden views, you will not be disappointed.

Here you can indulge in fine dining, exquisite flavors, and wellness treatments from the high-class spa. The spa offers a plethora of wellness treatments, such as massages and balneotherapy, and a jasmine-filled hammam.

Le Cloitre

Le Cloitre isn’t a top hotel in Arles for no reason, this exquisite atmosphere is filled with vivid colors, smiling faces, and Provençal charm. The colors throughout the hotel play a major role in its theme. These bright yellows, bold blues, and playful art pieces bring to life the atmosphere of Arles.

Enjoy a plethora of meals here from sunup to sundown. An intimate atmosphere where you can enjoy splendid meals with those you love. The menu is intended for sharing, making you closer to those you traveled with through every bite.

Fragonard Arles

The world-renowned perfumery, Fragonard has opened a selection of Boutique rooms. Each room, profoundly unique captures the elegance and grace of a boutique stay.

Grand Hôtel Nord-Pinus

Beautifully embedded in the history of Arles, the Nord-Pinus has always been an iconic piece of elegance and class. You can enjoy the beautiful bar where the setting is cozy and set in an exquisite theatre or the tasteful cuisine of the restaurant.

This hotel has opened a successful delicatessen featuring only the highest quality of products.

Top Restaurants in Arles

Le Galoubet

This splendid restaurant features impeccable French cuisine. This restaurant is placed in the heart of Arles, the atmosphere is one of a kind. With a wonderful terrace dining option, you can enjoy the true beauty of the space.


The Arlatan is a beautiful hotel with a sensational bar. Here you can enjoy a beautiful cocktail in an elegant atmosphere.  

Mecha Uma

Peaceful and relaxing this restaurant brings you the best of Japan. Whether you want a salad or an impressive dessert, these delightful dishes will leave you satisfied. With vegetarian, gluten-free, and many other restriction options, this is a place for everyone.

Need a City Guide?

The world-renowned luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton has come out with an Arles city guide. This wonderful little book is filled with beautiful photography and is a collector’s edition that can be found in a select number of Louis Vuitton stores across the globe.

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