Top Luxury Hotels in Paris for Women’s Fashion Week

Paris fashion week is a wonderful time to explore the luxury hotel options in the city of love. Whether it's street style, haute couture, fall or winter, spring or summer, Paris offers you top-tier hotels. With five-star ratings or palace distinction, the hotels rank highly all over the world, bringing you the best of Paris.

There’s an unsaid rule when it comes to Paris fashion week: you must stay in what’s known as the golden triangle. The golden triangle consists of the 8th, 1st, and 2nd arrondissements. New to Paris fashion week? No need to worry, the best hotels in Paris are listed below. With long shows filled with beautiful pieces, models, and all things fashion, it's only reasonable to look for a hotel to fulfill all of your fashion week needs.

Discover the Finest at Brach Paris

Described as intelligent, cultured, and romantic the hotel holds an atmosphere that encapsulates South American, Asian, and African culture. Bringing you on an adventure outside of fashion and into the world of travel. A Parisian hotel giving you luxury, uniqueness, and cutting-edge design - just like Paris fashion week.

The hotel is filled with warm colors creating a sense of comfort. Elements such as leather, marble, wood, and distinct works of art mesh together to design an ambiance of serenity and balance. The Brach Paris upholds beauty, art, and extravagance no matter the occasion, but especially for Paris fashion week.

Stay in Luxury at the Madame Reve - A Paris Fashion Week Must

Can anything top French luxury? Madame Reve has fulfilled its grand theme of the “new” French luxury. With the splendid views of the Eiffel tower, it’s almost as if every week is Paris fashion week. This hotel embodies the beauty of the city. Bringing you unparalleled views and marvelous cuisine. This hotel presents you with a place where emotion, happiness, and the enjoyment of life come together to bring you excellence. This hotel has a warm-toned and wooden elegance to it, presenting you with one of the most timeless hotels in Paris.

A view means far more when good food is nearby. Madame Reve offers a wonderful restaurant and café. La Plume features exquisite Japanese cuisine while allowing you to experience the beauty and poise of Paris from their panoramic style windows. Madame Reve café offers unmatched Mediterranean dishes and a space that transitions from classic business lunches to a relaxed evening drink, the café is exceptional from sunup to sundown.  

A week filled with new collections indeed requires relaxation and tranquility, something the rooftop terrace can surely bring you. There is no better way to ease the mind than with a peaceful area overlooking greater Paris.

An Enchanting Stay - Rest at Ritz Paris

The perfect word to describe the Ritz is enchanting. A hotel where worries transform into blissful moments. Where one can feel like royalty and be treated with unparalleled service. After strenuous days filled with haute couture, shows, or models you’ll find yourself indulging in the peaceful charm of the Ritz Paris.

You won’t be the only one enjoying Ritz Paris. In fact, this hotel is known for housing very well-known guests such as Kate Moss and their once long-term guest Coco Chanel. With irresistible cuisine, it’s only fair to show off their magical gourmet boutique, Le Comptoir. Nothing makes a long day or early morning better than a sweet, tasteful treat. From madeleines to millefeuille, the talented pastry chef, Monsieur Francois Perret, does not disappoint.

No matter which room or suite you select, you can sleep peacefully knowing you are staying in Paris’s most divine hotel. Being one of the most renowned hotels in the world, you simply cannot go wrong staying with the Ritz Paris.

A Romantic Getaway at Chateau Voltaire - Fall in Love with Paris Fashion Week

A romantic getaway into a chateau where you can find yourself falling in love with your stay. The quaint hotel offers a selection of thirty-one rooms, where true Parisian history can be felt in every corner. Carefully hand-crafted pieces fill the atmosphere, exquisite woodwork, and fringed velvet are spread throughout the chateau to bring to life the inspiration and romance that Paris is forever granting us.

As the fashion-filled days come to an end, imagine yourself enjoying the Brasserie l’Emil, a true gem in the heart of the chateau. With modern dishes and a cozy setting, time will pass with comfort and ease.

Although food brings bliss to the mind and body, attending Paris fashion week may require more than just food to rewind. Chateau Voltaire offers facials, massages, yoga classes, and a pristine aquatic area. Envision warmth, serenity, peace, and a personal oasis, to calm the body and rejuvenate for whatever the next show may bring.

Sloan Koester

By Sloan Koester in Event